Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hiking BINGO

Made a list of things to spot while hiking during this holiday weekend. These are the BINGO squares we were able to mark off:
Dog on a trail marked as No Dogs Allowed (1)
Hiker wearing blue jeans (2)
Hiker wearing a bikini (2)
Hiker hiking in sandals (1)
Hiker smoking - actually just saw a cigarette butt so this technically might not count. 
Park ranger - who gave the lady with the dog a ticket (1)
Hiker sharing music with the entire mountain (2)
Lost hiker asking for directions (2)
Hiker in winter coat despite it being 80degrees (1) - happened to be one of the lost hikers...
Tiny baby in a front carrier (1)
Giant toddler in a backpack (1)
Selfie stick (1)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Social Studies

The 4th grade teacher sent home an email.  It said the class was learning about the Oregon Trail.  Each kid had their own Oregon Trail name and they were getting close to the end of their journey. 
The email said, find your kids name, write a "letter from home" to be delivered along the journey.  Put it in an envelope with your kids Oregon trail name then put it in another sealed envelope with the teachers name and have the kid give it to the teacher.  It will be fun, the kids love getting a "letter from home" on the long journey on the Oregon trail.
So I got some parchment paper.  I cut it and folded it into an envelope.  I cut another peice, and eric helped me singe the edges to make it look old and weathered.
And then I went on to write the letter:

You left on your journey.  You have now been gone for 4 months.  I can't beleive you left me. You left me here alone.  You should know, I am with child. YOUR CHILD!!!  

Won't that be exciting to open and read to te class!

That will teach the teacher to stop giving the parents homework!!!!!

Just kidding, I didn't write that but I totally wanted to.  

I did bring up drinking clean water, dysentery and the dangers of fjording rivers. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I have seen 3 chiropractors in my life.
The first was a woman and she used her funny little clicker thing and adjusted my ribs where they attach to my sternum.  That was weird.  Then she used her scary chair and jostled my brains.  Then she tried to bully me into pre-paying for some rediculous treatment plan where I would come to her office like 40 times in 2 weeks.  No.
The next time was Dr Jeff.  I liked dr Jeff. He was a cute little guy and we talked a lot and he was nice. He cracked me and he did that graston horror on my hip and I will never in a million years ever let anyone do that to me again. But I liked going to see him.  But then he broke up with me.  He said I wasn't getting better.  He said I had some underlying something that he didn't know what it was, but he said he couldn't see me any more until I went to my GP and got checked out.  So I went to my GP, who I had been seeing for many many years, who was my kids' doctor, who I trusted. And she was MAD! She was mad at the chiro for telling someone like me that they might have an underlying health problem.  She gave me a physical, did some blood work and found nothing wrong with me.  The ln ya know what happened?  I had a brain tumor.  Undiagnosed underlying health problem.  But by the time I got through that dr Jeff had moved away.
So now I see dr Stephen.  I see him every once in a while.  He fixes me right up and sends me on my way, which is good, because that is what he is supposed to do, but it is sad because he is so cute and I like to see him.  
The last time o was him was like almost a year ago.  I had trigger finger and he had to hurt my hand to make it better.  Funny thing about the trigger finger, I noticed it while brushing my teeth.  This is important for later.  But  OMG it hurt so badly, but he fixed it all up.  Since then I have actually shot guns! But used the other hand for the triggering so that's weird.
But then almost 4 weeks ago I did a  treadmill workout. I was worried it was going to be hard and it was but I did it and I did it well and I was all proud of myself.  Then I went to work and sat at my desk.  The next time I got up to walk around, I couldn't actually walk.  Oh the horror.  So I went to see dr Stephen today.  I anticipated some ART and maybe an elbow in my ass, but there was none of that.  
Oh there was pain and all, but there is nerve problems and other stuff. Yay! God fun!  But I had to lay on my stomach and out my oily face all over the chiro table face paper, which he told me it was the paper's job, the paper's destiny to have fave oil on it.  So then I asked if paper sits around at the paper factory hoping that it get to be chiro face paper and not normal doctor office table paper that gets sat on by bare butts.  I didn't even think of the poor paper that winds up as toilet seat covers...  Then there was the work on my back where he was like, do you feel that?  Do you feel how your skin doesn't move when I do this?  To which I replied, of course it doesn't because I am so lean there is nothing there to move.  He laughed a little bit more than he should have.  
The I learned some exercises one of which made me instantly think of this:

Now I just hope I get better soon, I was making such good progress. But I am going to San Francisco on Wednesday!!! Hooray!

Monday, February 29, 2016


Now that the Oscars have passed, I have to share the two most important scenes in the history of cinema!!!


And more recently, two:

Monday, February 01, 2016

2016 is upon us

Wow, as always a ton has happened since the last post, but I have gotten lazy and also I have had less, or maybe more time.  I don't know.  But let's explore some things that have happened in the last few months.

Eric demonstrates that he has giant hands.  He is a giant.  Sometimes when I am feeling big and blobby, I should rememebr this photo.  I am small.

Maybe you recall, I was laid off from my one job back in November 2014 and there was more drama and unheval from that then there was when I found out about that tuma.  But I got a job quickly, started it in Jan 2015.  I worked downtown and rode the bus every day.  There were shenanigans and hygincs and barfing and man porn.  And although I liked what I did and loved the people, I just couldn't do it anymore.  So I got a NEW job which started in October.  It is much closer, I get to drive. And I like what I do!  I am slowly making friends, but I must say I am so much happier.  I think the family is happier too.  

This girl decided to do a few cyclocross races and she proved to be quite a racer!    FYI. She is 11 and wearing the women's XS shorts.  She is now almost 5'2"!  

As I was leaving my old job back in October I discovered that I had 2 weeks to spend $1108 in flex spending dollars otherwise I would lose them.  So I bought these rediculous prescription sunglasses.  I also bought new normal everyday prescription glasses and some prescription Rudy projects for cycling!  I still had $108 to spend so I went to the drug store only to find I wasn't able to used those dollars on over the counter medication so I bought $108 worth of bandaides. 

My advice to you, if your kid wants to be a ghillie monster for Halloween, trim the bottom 4-6" off the ankles before they head out otherwise they will bring home the entire neighborhood.

We went to Yakima for thanksgiving and I made pie!  Pie is delicious.  

Xmas happened too and we found a great tree this year.  Last year we were late to the Xmas tree party and it was also a bad year for trees, but this year we got out a week or two earlier.  eric made the kids carry it to the car.

I attempted another 50k.  A few things were going on leading up to this race, but I was pretty excited.  I started a new kind of growth hormone about a week before. Same does, just different manufacturer and I have to mix it myself.  My big toe also started hurting.  It still hurts.  But it didn't bother me to run, just to walk or when I was hanging out.  Janet drove up with me the night before.  We had an interesting exchange with the hotel manager that resulted in him giving us the honeymoon suite.  I felt good and optimistic in the morning!  At the starting line they told us they might have to make a mid race decision to cut the race to a 25k due to high winds.  I had mixed feelings about this.  The race started out pretty well, the course was good.  Leslie and I had gone up about a month before to do some pre-running.  This was helpful.  On our way back across the bridge, it was raining sideways and was butt cold.  I almost shed some tears when they told us to keep running and didn't have us turn back to the starting line.  The whole 50k was happening.  A bit before this though my legs started to hurt.  Just from right below the knees down and to my feet.  My feet were killing me.  I kept going, did the big steep hill and respected the balds and meadows.  Then there was a mile or so of pavement.  It was exposed and windy and cold.  And my feet were a mess.  I walked and every step hurt like a mo-fo. I started to think about a DNF. The next part of the race was two 6ish mile loops and I thought about heading out on one of the loops,  but 6 miles is pretty far, especially when you are in pain, and when you don't know what the course is like.  So when I hit the aide station at mile 15ish I threw in the towel.  BEST DECISION EVER.  It really was.  There was no way I was going to manage another 15 miles when I was in so much pain.  Janet came and got me, I fell asleep in the car.  I was very thankful that Janet came with me.  This was such a different experience from the 50k this summer.  Maybe I'll try it again next year.  I don't know.

the new Star Wars movie came out!  Xtie took all of us to see it at the cinerama!  And The General hung out with this storm trooper! 

This was a sad moment.  I dropped my mouth guard and it bounced off the counter and landed in the litter box.  Sad sad sad.  I have now had mouth guards that have been peed on by little girls on airplanes and mouth guards that have landed in litter boxes.  Is this because I have such a potty mouth?

Seamus ran the 10k at beat the Blerch!  She did awesome!  She ran cross country at the middle school, so this was a peice of cake.  She also ran the reindeer romp in December, beating me by a few minutes!

Eric put in our new Windows!  He started them this summer but then stopped. Just didn't finish them.  I was struggling with wanting to bag him about it but then also trying to be sensitive to the fact that he spends all day almost every day doing this stuff.  But when he told me he was going to buy a PlayStation 4 when we have a perfectly good PlayStation 3, I did some negotiating.  Yes, get the 4, but finish the Windows first.  Voila!  
Which look amazing with the floor and all compared to the old carpet, paint and Windows.  But because the glass is so clear without the frame things, the birds won't come to our bird feeder any more.  

Skate skiing!  Omg, it is so fun.  I didn't go at all last winter.  Really no one did because there was virtually no snow.  But this year it has been so much fun.  And then this one time we went up and these jack ass kids drove their truck up onto the groomed trails and got stuck.  Best part was that they got stuck, so they called up their jack ass friends to go  get their truck to tow them out and they got stuck too.  So all of them spent the night out there until the morning when the funny snowcat towtruck could come pull them out.  
For Xmas the kids got to go to Ifly.  Sirus has been before.  That was when he was 5 when we went to Ogden.  Seamus didn't want to do it, and this time she was pretty nervous about it too.  But turns out she is kind of a natural!  She did so well that the instructor let go of her for a bit and she was able to control her position on her own!

Seamus joined the washington student cycling league since she is now in middle school.  She loves it.  The team did the Stinky Spoke.  This is heart attack hill.  You can see her on the left with the yellow helmet and black jacket.  She road that whole way up from the right!
Sirus has been wanting to play soccer for a long time.  We are not a soccer family.  He wants to play tennis and golf and tennis and we are clueless.  So we put him in the I-9 soccer this summer and that was pretty lame.  So I decided to sign him up for indoor this winter.  This was partially selfish on my part because indoor meant no standing out in the cold for games!  But I also thought maybe he would prefer to not be in the rain either. The bummer is that they don't have practices and the team structure is kind of weird so all his friends from his school are on a different team and he is on a team from a different city.  But he had fun at his first game, volunteering to be goalie.  It was a tough game, especially for a kid who hasn't really played much soccer at all but we are looking forward to the next one!

And then it was our anniversary!  #14

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September? WTF!

I am still stuck in July 2013!!  Whatever happened to that month??

Waaay back in like October I was super excited to get tickets to see One Direction.  The show wasn't until July, but I was super excited!  I was planning it as a surprise for Seamus.  But, while Janet's daughter cried and said she was the best mom ever, my daughter cringed in horror when I told her I bought the tickets.  I hadn't even asked her to join me!  I thot she might change her mind if I told her her BFF was coming too, but still no.
I asked Sirus and he said ok, but then he said he didn't actually want to go, but only said yes because I asked,  so Eric went with me!
One morning we woke up and Eric pointed to the brick chimney and asked me what that dark spot was.  It was this tiny bat friend!  It was asleep upside down!  Eric opened up all of the windows in the house, we closed the doors to the rooms and put the cats in the bathroom, then he put on those gloves and grabbed a pillow case.  He went right up to that bat and it fell in.  Then he reached in for a quick photo opp then the little guy flew away and stuck to the side of the house for a few hours.
Sirus and I went down to San Diego for the 3rd annual craniopharyngioma picnic.  When we arrived in SD we went straight to the USS Midway.
It was SO cool! While parts were roped off, it seemed like a ton of the ship was available to explore on our own.  Up and down the different levels, careful not to trip or bump our heads.  We went way down below the water line and up onto the flight deck!
We also got in the flight simulator,  Sirus was the gunner and I was the pilot.  Oh I was terrible.  And I got SO sick! They had a go pro in the pod so they could watch, and by the end of our flight, when the attendant came to let us out, I know he could tell I was going to barf!  
But the ship was amazing and I am so happy we went- well worth the trip!
The next day we went to Legoland. It was fun.  Sirus really liked it and none of the rides were so extreme as to make me sick.  We did go on two where we got completely drenched.  Soaking wet, dripping.  Nothing was dry.  Luckily it was so hot out because we dried off pretty quickly.  And one ride broke down on it and we got stuck!
We went into the aquarium for a quick visit and saw this guy:
We stayed at Jen's like last year only this time brian and their kids were there.  Sirus had a ton of fun with them.  They are 5 & 3, which was fun for Sirus because he is usually the little guy,  AND since it was at a residence inn, Sirus got to have Belgian waffles every morning!!
Saturday was the picnic in Redondo Beach.  It was fun to see everyone!  So many friends from last year and so many new faces too.  I let Sirus go to the arcade with the other kids and I hung out with the grown ups and Jen and her kids.
On Sunday it was time to head home.  We stopped at In-and-Out, but since we had just eaten lunch, Sirus got a milk shake and gave me a sip.  He put that hat on and kept it on the entire flight, all the way until we got home and he was getting ready for bed.  The TSA guys at the airport were asking him all about it and let him keep it on while going through security.
Later in the summer Allie came to visit.  She was headed to Oiselle Bird Camp in Leavenworth.  I wasn't able to go, but it was fun that she was able to visit.  Ellen and Dr Carolyn came too!
We went on a hike up to Crystal Mountain.  At the top the chipmunks were super friendly, climbing on our laps, hoping for treats.
Seamus will be taller than Allie the next time we see her, no doubt!
Sirus spent a lot of the summer racing at the Wednesday Night World Championships once he got his new bike.  He did great and was 2nd in the series!
I hung out with the police.  As I do sometimes.
There have been a TON of fires in eastern Washington this year.  They have been devastating.  So many homes lost, land destroyed and animals displaced.  The smoke has been so thick that the view from Poopoo point was so sad.

The General eating Sirus's toast because Sirus was too busy having the 24hr flu, barfing like a mad man.

Now that mtn biking is done, Sirus has moved to cyclocross!  That bike is really big and heavy to be carrying up that hill!

Sarah and I headed up to Bandera Mountain.  Neither of us had gone before so we didn't know what to expect.  Western washington was prepping for he storm of the century so it wasn't the very smartest thing to do, but at least it wasn't crowded!  Id like to go back on a nicer day!
Darth Vader took a nap.

So then on Monday I went and visited The Oatmeal.  He was at PAX and PAC was happening right by my work.  So I walked over there fully anticipating standing in a 282615738 hour line like at Beat the Blerch last year, but really it was only a few people long!  I talked to him about the Rattle Snake Ridge 50k because he did the 1/2 marathon that day.  And we talked about the Blerch and stuff.  So he drew this amazingly accurate picture of me running!!  I loves me The Oatmeal! Oatmeal, if you ever read this, come over to our house and visit with our cats!!

An lastly some coworkers and I made these clever disguises so we could nap at our desks and no one would be able to tell.  Amazing, right?  You can't even tell that our eyes are actually closed!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

That's a lot of Ks

My company does a thing similar to habitat for humanity but it's called rebuild together.  I signed up to help!  I don't like to paint so I did yard work. Nevermind that I borrowed a pair of Eric's pants and he was all like, you are going to need a belt for those pants and then I didn't because they for fine, but I spent the day raking, pulling weeds, clearing brush, all kinds of stuff.  It was quite fun and I felt very productive.  I was beat when I came home and all I could think was, yeah, prolly not the best choice in activities for like 2 days before my first 50k..

I had registered for this 50k because my exercise coordinator thought I should have a goal.  I felt like I wAs being foolish but whatever.  I was able to break the race into three legs, the first 10 miles from the start to the turn around, where Eric and the kids would meet me. I knew I could manage this.
Once at that turn around I could access how I was feeling and decide if I wanted to do the return 10 miles.  A week or so earlier we had gone out to hike the first few miles of this return trip, so like miles 11-14 or so.  On that hike I started to feel good so Eric suggested that I just do the whole 10 miles and they would pick me up at the other end.  This turned out to be a great idea.  So when I got to that turn around on race day I totally knew what to expect for those middle 10 miles.
The race was at a very popular hiking trail, but really only about miles 18-20 are the high traffic areas.  I was able to navigate around the crowds pretty easily.
When I got to the bottom I saw Janet!  She agreed to come out to run the last 7 miles with me.  The joke was on her though because it was actually like 10 miles.  It was a "flat" out and back on a gravel trail.  I say "flat" because it was actually a slight downgrade on the way out but then uphill on the way back.  We started with 10 min running 5 min walking but that quickly changed to 5 and 5 and then sun and shade.  
I was pretty excited to cross the finish line and even more excited since it was like 90 minutes earlier than I expected!
I felt so good that I was able to drive myself home and even tho I laid in bed when I got home I wasn't able to fall asleep.  That I assume had more to do with the fact that I had like 7 clif shots, most with caffiene.  I was hopped up!
The next day I felt so good that Seamus and I went on a bike ride!!

Eric is a good guy!  Someone posted on the community Facebook page that their cat had crawled through a hole in their bathroom and into the crawl space under their house.  Eric, not knowing the cat or the people, volunteered, despite it being 90 degrees, to get under the house and try to get the cat out!!

Every year since we have moved out here we have gone to the 4th of July fireworks.  I think only once was their rain.  This year neither Eric nor I were very interested on going.  The 4 mile round trip walk, the crowds, the whining kids...  So we kind of did it half assed.  We stayed up on the busy road, but it was still a great show and I'm glad we went!

Matt came to visit!  Rememebr Matt from when we went to Ogden when Eric raced at nationals with my boyfriend dan Hugo and Lance Armstrong raced too?
Well, Matt met me for lunch downtown.  While we were hanging out waiting for Shorty's to open, a bird flew by and took a giant shit which resulted in two plops right before me, one giant plop in my hair and then another one right after.  Matt grabbed a twig and flicked it out of my hair. We then enjoyed Chicago style hotdogs at Shortys and I went back to work with bird shit remnants in my hair.  Awesome.  Waiting for the alleged good luck to make itself known.

Way back in like October I bought tickets to see One Direction.  Janet and I were planning to take our daughters.  When Janet told her daughter, she cried and said how Janet was the best mom ever.  When I told my daughter she shrunk down under the covers of her bed, cowering in fear.  She didn't want to do, even tho one of her BFFs was going to be there too.  So I asked Sirus if he wanted to go.  He hadn't ever been to a concert so I thot he might like to.  He half heatedly said yes, he would go, but when I asked if he actually wanted to go, he said no, he just agreed because I asked him.  So i asked Eric and he agreed to go with me!!
Then there was this one day when it was like Saturday and at dinner I asked Seamus if she wanted to run a 1/2 marathon with me the next morning and she said yes.  I asked her to do things with me all the time and sometimes she will do them but lately she has said no.  I try not to cry about it, but wow, I was super surprised she agreed.  But also a little scared because it was 13 miles on the trail and all.  But we woke up early and headed out to the race site. Got there about an hour early and got her all registered.  They were all whoa! When I put her in for the 1/2! 
The race started up hill.  I think she was trying to act tough at first because she was just breathing out of her nose, I was like, girl you are going to pass out- breathe through your mouth!! But once we got to the top of the giant hill, it was great.  We came up with a plan to run for 5 minutes and then walk for one.  Sometimes we ran for longer intervals and we walked the uphills of they were long or too steep.  Only twice did she ask to stop to walk other than our scheduled breaks and I am pretty sure her favorite part was finding the gummy bears at the aide stations.  She did a great job staying hydrated and she stayed well fueled.  At about mile 10, we were just running along with her behind me and all of a sudden I heard her declare "I am awesome!"  My heart melted and I was so happy to hear her say that about herself! She is awesome!  She also told me her plan for after the race when we got home: lunch, shower, video games.  I don't think she has ever volunteered to take a shower!
When we got close to the finish and we could see the finish line I was so excited for her!  She went straight for the pie, super happy to see they had pumpkin, her favorite and downed two pieces and a ton of water right away.  Later, I layed in bed for 4 hours, but she showered, played games, ran errands with Eric and played with Sirus.  Her quads were a little sore the next two days but then was as good as knew, even saying she'd like to do more with me!
Oh look!  Tiny blister on my toe!!