Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Oh LAWD its a FARE!!

what's the plan?  we were going to spend the weekend at our new property outside of ellensburg over 4th of july weekend.  we invited christie and her bf and his son and my mom.  my mom hadn't ever been camping before, so she was pretty excited.  i was excited too!  eric, being the perfectionist that he is, made several trips out there before hand, continuing to improve the tent spot - flattening, removing rocks and tufts of grass and laying down gravel and sand.  he made it big enough for two tents and then made an additional area for the picnic table that he built!  i love the picnic table and when he said he wanted one for up there it never occurred to me in a million years that he would build it, but duh, of course he would!
And of course not only did he build it, but then he carried it around the whole place.  it eventually found its home in the "kitchen" area, and wow, it sure was a nice addition!!
since it was 4th of july weekend, we had grand plans of watching fireworks from so high up!  we stayed up way after 10pm to see them, anticipating greatness.  instead we saw tiny blerps of color..  that's ok.  now we know.  and now i will no longer think about how awesome it must be to be flying in a plane while fire works are going off.  because, its not that awesome.  it was fun to stay up, all cozied in our blankets though.
our gargoyle making sure that only authorized personnel are let onto the land!
it was quite warm, so plenty of time was spent lounging in the tent relaxing.  there is a nice breeze up there, so although it was hot, it wasn't unbearable, and the shade of the tent was relaxing.  that white bump in the distance is mt rainier.
Another view from the campsite.
rock formation that we are trying to figure out how it came about.  is it natural or man made?  
we are still trying to determine the actual boundaries of the property.  there are metal pins the size of thumb tacks out there that mark the location of the corners.  we have found one!  in the mean time, its been fun to explore and see how varied the terrain is.
just another view and stuff.
eric somehow spotted this tiny horny toad sitting on a rock!  can you find him?  i had never seen one before, but after this one, i saw another on our hike that afternoon.
we found this.  is it deer?  cow?  elk?  i dont know.  but we are always finding some sort of remains out there.  crazy and cool!  we heard the wolves howling during the night, too, which is cool and scary at the same time!
 by the 2nd night, sirus was going to rest his eyes just for a little bit.  he crawled into the tent.  i convinced him to brush his teeth and put on his jammies, just in case.  and good thing too because he was PASSED OUT for the night after that.  it was a fabulous weekend!

fast forward one month - eric was supposed to be at a mountain bike race this weekend, so i was thinking of taking the kids to camp on saturday night.  we've been having a heat wave and eric said it would be too hot and he didn't think it would be safe for us there.  he is a wise man! sure enough on saturday around 5:30 pm lightning struck not far from where we would be camping and a fire started.  there have been huge fires in eastern washington this year, and this is just another one.  although almost 4 days after it has started it has burned over 2000 acres, destroyed several homes and out buildings, is only 10% contained and continues on.  we are lucky that we don't have a house up there yet but are worried for all of our Sun East neighbors and the rest of the region.  I pulled the below photo from the Yakima Herald Republic website.  its of a tanker dropping fire retardant.  the small grove of trees on the left side of the photo, about 1/2 way from the top is where we camp. 
as of Tuesday morning, it looks like the fire retardant has helped.  and they say the western flank, where we are, is mostly contained.  the fire keeps pushing north and north east.eric has a friend who is a fire fighter who not only worked countless hours on site at the Oslo Mud Slide, but now has worked more countless hours on the Carlton Complex Fires.  Nature is crazy and keeping our rescue workers busy this year.  hoping they and all the families are safe.
more information about the Snag Canyon Fire can be found HERE.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

june is a good thing

lots and lots happened in june.  more than anyone can even remember. but here are some things!
i met Lauren Fleshman!  who is Lauren Fleshman you ask?  only a prime example of women's running awesomeness!!  she runs for Oiselle and runs a performance bar company called Picky Bars with her fabulously hot triathlete husband Jesse Thomas.  and then they have a cutie pattootie baby called Jude the Dude.  Anyway, I got to meet Lauren, and whipped out my sharpie and asked her to sign my arm.  She obliged, signing me with the most perfect penmanship ever!  Adorable, fast, inspiring AND good penmanship.  Life is so unfair! 

Aly and Janet went with me to meet Lauren.  Aly had already met Lauren in Boston, but they became reaquainted, Lauren even recognized Aly, and she wasn't even afriad!  We had to travel ALL the way into Seattle.  But lucky for US that where we met her, was super close to my ne favorite guacamole location - Poquitos!  

Father's Day happened.  As many who know Eric already know, he is an amazing dad!  I am so lucky to have met a man who is such a good man to both me and our children, showing such patience and always helping the kids to learn how to be good people themselves.  so of course, what does any dad want for father's day?  Drinkers from Glassy Baby of course!!  ok, so he also got a big old hunting knife and a french press coffee contraption for camping.  he was going to get an 18inch machete but i felt weird about buying that, so i went for the big old knife instead.

thank goodness for the time saving BJ's app!!
 another big thing in June was Seamus's and my trip to San Diego.  Actually, SD was an extra special bonus to a trip we were already going to take.  I belong to a support group for craniopharyngioma patients and caregivers.  for the past year, they have been getting together for a picnic in southern california.  i wasn't able to go last year, but i made it a priority to go this year.  i asked seamus if she would like to go with me since she helped last year to make key chains and necklaces for everyone, and she helped this year to make key chains, and she said yes.  i was excited to have the special time with her on a special girl's trip.  and LUCKY for us Jennifer was in San Diego already for the summer and she said we could stay with her!  oh i love Jennifer!!  so i was super excited and couldn't wait for the trip to get here.
seamus and i woke up super early on friday and flew to san diego.  i slept on the plane, seamus did not.  as we were landing, the pilot told us it was 64 degrees out, but as we stood outside to catch a shuttle to get our rental car, seamus commented that it was the hottest 64 she had ever felt, and that was the truth.  it was very much hotter than hades.  we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the Safari Park.  after a short while there, we got ready for our safari caravan.  we all loaded onto a truck that drove us out and around several types of giraffes, rhinos, dear, antelopes, and other cool animals.
 after a while, this giraffe decided to walk up to our truck to get a snack.  everyone on the trip had the opportunity to feed the giraffe several times.  it was pretty neat, their hair is kind of prickly and their tongues are very long.  the guide answered all kinds of questions and it was really a very cool opportunity,
 we also got the chance to feed the rhinos!  they don't always say you get to feed them, because they aren't that interested in a few apple slices apparently.  but we were lucky and got to feed them and pet them.  they are bigger than hippos by about 1000 pounds - i know this because i asked for a comparison, and their teeth do not really look like marshmallows the way that hippo teeth do.
 after the safari was over, the park was pretty much closed, but seamus and i booked it trying to see eveything we hadn't already seen.  we went into the aviary and seamus stood like a tree to see if any birds would land on her.  we also got to walk with the lemurs but the keeper told us that they lemurs can pretty much tell time and they knew it was getting close to 5 and they know that they go in for the night around 5 and if they go in without a fuss they get treats, so they were all huddled over by their night night spot, ready to get tucked in.
 after the whole adventure, we headed over to jennifer's.  we got hugs and kisses and then headed out for dinner.  seamus and jennifer hung out waiting for a table while i went to get some beverages.  seamus could hardly believe it when i came back with this giant strawberry amazingness all for her!  and she finished the entire thing!  she had already had a busy day, but then after dinner she jumped in the pool at jennifer's and swam until past 10pm!

saturday was the picnic.  i wasn't sure what to expect and i was happy that jennifer was going to come with us.  we made the two hour drive and found the park.  we found every one quite easily and settled right in to meet with everyone.  it was so wonderful to talk with all these people who i had only previously exchanged email and facebook posts.  it was great to meet their parents and families.  there was only one other person there who had been diagnosed as an adult, everyone else was either diagnosed as a little kid or by the time they were a teenager.  every story was so different and everyone has different struggles ranging from blindness, learning disabilities, hypothalmic obesity, excessive hunger, strokes, and the inability to produce life dependent hormones.
me, trevor and elizabeth

Matthew, Matthew, Kathleen, Alex, Marian, Elizabeth, Hiran, Jason, Trevor, and me
 after a busy day of picnicking, we headed back to jennifer's, introduce seamus to In and Out Burger and then swam again until super late.  seamus never once complained about being tired, hungry, hot, or bored.  she was an absolute pleasure to be with!

sunday morning came way too fast.  jennifer had an appointment so she dropped me and seamus off in Encinitas.  seamus at a huge breakfast and then we headed to the beach!
 she played at the park for a short while and then went into the ocean.  i wasn't about to get in with her, and i was a nervous wreck watching her float around, jumping waves and having the time of her life.  she was only in up to her knees, and sometimes wading in a bit further, but i now know what it was like for my mom so many years ago, watching us at the beach in florida, convinced that we would be caught off guard by an extra strong under current or a drop off that would send us into the big ocean blue.
 after a while, seamus came out and buried herself in the sand.  i tried to give her a mermaid tail, but the sand was too dry to mold, but she still posed like the best of them!
my two girls!!

after a few hours at the beach, we went back to jennifer's, got seamus showered up and then headed off to the airport.  only moments after finding our gate, the long weekend finally started to catch up with the little one.  she curled up and instantly passed out.  and she was OUT for sure.  such a sweet one.  and such a wonderful trip!!  she did wake up with plenty of time to get on the plane, and once on it, i was asleep before they were even done loading it, although she was awake the whole flight.
eric and sirus were there to pick us up.  sirus was being a little mopey, which i was a little afraid me might be.  he just sorta said hi and didnt hug me or anything.  then i asked him if he missed me.  he half heartedly said yah, and then i told him how much i missed him to which he quickly warmed up and gave me a giant hug telling me how much he really did miss me.  gosh, how did i wind up with two such amazing kids??  i am the lucky one!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

24 hrs and beyond

hyena for the safari to kenya project
 I am going to try to get caught up.  yesterday i was looking and realizing its been a long time and then amy sent me a note this morning noticing that it has been a long time and every time i get an inkling to post an update i am over whelmed by the amount of stiff i need to update!  so i am breaking it down. school is out!  has been out now for a month and a 1/2 or more.  thank the baby jesus because i had had about enough of the kids being in school. 
there are lots of mayo options in the spokane
 we went to spokane for the 24 hour race.  i have never gone out there for it.  eric has done it many times, i just haven't ever.  the last time he did it i had just had the brain surgery. i was supposed to go that time, but it didn't work out.  so i was pretty excited.  time flew by.  i caught some cheaters, and i did my 4 hrs of volunteer work from 8pm-12am in the timing tent.  OMG - most stressful job ever.  won't volunteer for that one again, that is for sure!  got a few hours of sleep and then it was the next day.  all in all it was quite fun and wouldn't mind going again next year - maybe even racing it.  but not sure. 
yogurt eatin', wife lovin'

blueberry pankcakes

obligatory leiderhosen latte shot

winners winners chicken dinners

more reasons i was happy school was out for the summer - science fair.  exhausting!  great project and presentation but it seriously tested my limits!!
 we visited the open house open house at the Puget Sound Goat Rescue.  I am contemplating doing some volunteer work for them.  i'd like to get a goat, but you need two or you need to get a horse.  we definitly don't have room for a horse, but maybe two small goats.  but not sure the HOA would approve.  so we went to check it out.  goat butts are weird.  i don't understand them.
sirus wears his shirt backwards because he says it looks better that way.
 i started doing some hiking.  there has been the poo poo point, the west tiger summit, the rattlesnake ridge and then some hikes in leavenworth too.  the kids have done them all.  they are troopers.
le poo poo
 i was pretty grossed out at rattle snake ledge.  maybe its just because it was 784612641 degrees, but the people were just gross.  there was so much trash along the trail, and so many poop bags.  it was disgusting.  the hike itself was good and i was surprised at the top, i just hope next time its not so gross.
this guy's reaction at the top of rattle snake "wow!  this view is amazing!!"
tippy top of leavenworth before the july fires  :(
 lacrosse season came to an end.  we hurried back from a long weekend away so that seamus could go to her team picnic.  it was fun to see her interact with the girls and i was impressed by her diving skills!  who knew she could do flips off of a diving board!  not sure where she learned that one!  i am excited for her to play lacrosse again.  she is so good at it and she really seemed to enjoy it!

 i did the Sturdy Dirty Enduro and my assessment is that enduros are weird.  i have never done one before and i got in at the last minute by taking over someone's entry since it was sold out.  i was worried since they were doing all these clinics and pre rides and whatever and i was like, uh, i am going to go ride my bike down hill and be timed.  do the race consisted of 4 timed sections and then you rode between the timed sections.  there was a lot of waiting around.  it was super supportive, everyone was really nice, they had about a billion search and rescue guys there ready to save me if i got lost, and all in all it was fun.  i was happy to see trish from the days of xterra, and got to ride with her.  i went faster than i was comfortable with and actually went over quite a few things that looking back, i am like there is no way i am going to do that again!   i was plenty happy with how i did, but i am not sure i will do another enduro, i think i would rather just go ride with my friends.
cakes at the end of the race.  i ate like 4 of those pink cakes in the front.  not slices, but entire cakes- pink lemonade flavor. 

this is the current story of my life.  i will give a health update at some point, but for now, lets just say i can hear myself getting fatter.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Louis & Dan

wow, i am delinquent.  super tardy.  i am remiss, jammed, in the lurch, missed the boat and unpunctual!
what else is going on?
Seamus is playing lacrosse.  not only is she playing it, but she is a super BAD ASS lacrosse player!  both she and Sirus went to lacrosse camp last summer.  and when i asked her if she wanted to play on a team she said yes! but eric took her to a beginning of the season clinic and 1/2 way through she came up to him crying, asking to leave.  apparently it was so boring, all they were doing was rolling the ball and scooping and she couldnt handle it.  luckily the 2nd half of the clinic was a little better. and once practices started and eric would play catch with her during the week she started to really enjoy it.    since the girls are only 8-10, there is a rule where they have to pass twice before they can try to score.  seamus seemed stuck on that, as soon as she would get the ball she would pass, even if she was perfectly lined up to shoot.  she admitted she didn't want to shoot and miss, but after some encouragement, and one miss, she made one in and now she shoots all the time!  we are so impressed with how hard she plays and how good she is.  her coaches are so patient and she likes the other girls.  she even wants to play next year which will be interesting since she will age up into the next group!

i finally got a new phone after mine was stolen about a year ago.  i got an iphone 5s and am enjoying the camera!  fuzy is such a good model!
 this weekend we headed out to Roslyn for the Roslyn Rush Mountain Bike Race.  i've never done it, but eric has several times. i've been out there to watch i think only once before.  this time, the kids and i headed out.  we decided to hike the course and hike the course we did!  other than the hill at the beginning, the trails looked super fun.  the kids and i had a blast and it was beautilful.  there were some really cool rock formations and had i been by myself i would have run.  i actually did run some, so did the kids.  except let me tell you how not fun trail running is in blue jeans and clogs. glad i didn't twist anything.  we managed to hike i think the first loop, it took us almost an hour and a 1/2.  and the kids did great!  eric came in an impressive 3rd in the pro/open class, tobias crunch was in 2nd and KBP won. toby had to leave, so seamus took his spot on the podium.  she wasn't shy about it at all.  i love the look that KBP is giving her.

after the race we headed out to ellensburg to set up camp on our property for the night.  we were all pretty tired.  sirus had spent the night at his friend's house for his very first sleep over part on friday night and then all the hiking, eric racing, etc. so i wasn't so sure how this whole camping thing would go.  plus it was WINDY.  but first thing we did was set to work on flattening an area for the tent.  eric, the smart one that he is brought a bunch of tools.  we cleared the big rocks, the smaller rocks and the rock solid tufts of grass and other tufts of who knows what.  seamus took the shovel and cleared the elk poo.  it probably took an hour or more to get the spot cleared.  the kids and i unfolded the tent and it was so windy i was sure it was going to fly away!  but we got it up and secured really well.  then eric strategically parked the jeep to block as much wind as possible.  i thought it looked like a commercial.  you can also see a bit of Mt Rainier poking out over there on the right!
 after we got the tent up we took a little hike. eric had rented a metal detector to help locate the surveying pins so we took it with us to try it out.  we found a spot that beeped a bunch and said there was metal 6 inches deep.  sirus decided we would need to come back tomorrow and dig.

we crawled into the tent, everyone got into their jammies and started to settle in.  it was past 8pm and it was still light out, but i totally fell asleep.  eric and the kids watched pitch perfect.  i don't know how late they actually stayed up but in the morning, eric said he went out when it was dark, looked at the city lights and saw more stars than he had seen since was a kid in Vernal Utah.  bummed i missed that, but there will be other opportunities.  the kids got our old sleeping bags and eric and i got new ones!  i cannot sleep in a mummy bag.  i just cannot do it, so i refused to camp again if i had to. in fact, i had not been camping since 2010 when we hiked into Colchuck Lake.  so we got some cheepo but terribly comfortable, flannel lined jobs from fred meyer!  mine was warm and i loved it!  oh and i got to bring my pillow and it was delux!!
i did wake up at like 2:30 convinced it was probably 5:30.  it wasn't.  then i woke up again at 3:30.  still wasn't 5:30, then the birds started chirping at 4:30!  an hour before sunrise!
 eric made us pancakes!!! and eggs!!!!  and then he and the kids (still in their jammies) headed off to dig up whatever it was that made the metal detector beep.  turns out that everything made it beep.  all the rocks up there are full of iron...  at least according to that thing.  it wasn't much help.  when they came back, seamus was carrying this flower with a butterfly on it.  she said it had landed on her, so she picked the flower and the butterfly crawled onto it and stayed there the whole walk back.  she set it down and it continued to hang out for another 10 minutes or so.   grandpa and grandma came out and eric and the kids and grandpa went all over the place trying to find the boundaries of the property.  after about 4 strait hours, they had found one marker.  its a big job!

in other news, i turned 40

eric got me this pillow case with my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson on it.  it scares me every time i walk into our bedroom.

 my girlfriends took me to the Barking Frog at Willows Lodge in Woodinville for brunch - aka liquor and eggs.  that is amy's bloody mary.  she let me have a sip and it was spicey!!   i wish i could get over the fact that they are made with tomato juice.  it was good, i just don't know if i could drink more than a sip.  and that was my mimosa.  i don't think i will order mimosas any more.  i am just going to go straight for the champagne.  but it was fun, and i am thankful they took me out!  super fun, i would like more time with the GFs.
at liquor and eggs, we were talking about yoga and hot yoga, etc.  we were discussing the people who go to yoga and show off with how awesome they are at it.  and how there is inevitably someone who does a head stand before class.  i was just like, dude, i can do a head stand.  granted i haven't done one in a hundred years and i wasn't sure my skull could handle the bazillions pounds i now carry around with me, but i was just like, dude, i can totally do it.  so i went home and that evening i did one.  i did it near the wall so i wouldn't fall back, but i didn't even touch it.  and then i did another one!  dude, i can do anything!  i am 40!
and then the next morning, i couldn't turn my head!  doh!!!  totally didn't expect that.  took about a week or so to feel better, but man, that was disappointing.

and lastly.  did i tell you about the neighbor's baby goat and how i am totally obsessed with goats and how i want some?  i also want to get a duck.  i have wanted ducks since i was a kid.  my dad had ducks when he was a kid and i want one!  i decided that if i get my duck, since i missed out on naming the cat , the duck will be named Dan Hugo.  my mantra is: no more cats and no more babies.  no one said no ducks.  or goats for that matter.

we'll talk about my health another time.  until then, lets all think about how i can get our HOA to let me get Dan Hugo.